portable and stationary sampling devices

Aquamatic Ltd. is a UK company that has been manufacturing high-quality automatic wastewater sampling equipment since 1991.


electric actuators for dampers and valves

BERNARD CONTROLS SA is located in Gonesse, France. Founded in the 1930s, the family-owned factory manufactures electric actuators for dampers and valves.


knife dampers

CYL Knife Valves S.L. is located in Spain. The company was established in 1990 and manufactures knife dampers.

Durag Group

burners, flame monitoring and control equipment, flue gas analyzers

DURAG Group unites DURAG GmbH, Hegwein GmbH, SMITSVONK The Netherlands B.V. and VEREWA Umwelt- und Prozessmesstechnik GmbH.
Companies manufacture equipment for industrial combustion processes and environmental monitoring; industrial igniters and burners and mercury analyzers.


flue gas measuring and analysis equipment

ENOTEC GmbH is located in Marienheide, Germany.
ENOTEC manufactures flue gas measurement and analysis equipment to be installed at the measuring point.

Georg Fischer

industrial automation and piping systems

The company Georg Fischer was founded in 1802 in Switzerland.
The subsidiary we represent is Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd. is based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and mainly manufactures PVC, PP, PVDF and PE plastic pipe fittings and fittings.
Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd. manufactures as a separate product group. George Fischer Signet Inc. measuring devices for measuring flow, temperature, pressure, level, pH, ORP and electrical conductivity.


self-priming centrifugal pumps

Since 1933, the US company Gorman-Rupp has been manufacturing various self-priming pumps for sewage and wastewater, industry, construction, agriculture, mining, etc.

Huba Control

pressure switches, pressure and level sensors, pressure measuring modules

Huba Control AG is located in Würenlos, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1945.
Huba Control manufactures pressure and level sensors and pressure switches in the measuring range from 1 mbar to 1000 bar.

Knick Elektronische Messgeräte

continuous analyzers for liquids

Knick is located in Berlin. The company was founded in 1945.
Manufactures high quality process analyzers for the water and wastewater sector, the energy sector, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology sector and the food industry.


dampers, valves and propeller pumps

Friedrich Köster GmbH & Co. KG. KG is located in Heides, Germany.
Founded in 1861, the family-owned company manufactures shield dampers, end and check valves, propeller pumps, winches, steel structures and pool equipment.


screw pumps, rotary piston pumps, hose pumps

NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH is located in Waldkraiburg, Germany.
The company was formed in 1961 as an independent unit in the family business NETZSCH Group (founded in 1873). Manufactures NEMO pumps with Moineau system (NEtzsch + MOineau = NEMO). The plant produces an average of 100 pumps per day.



Sigrist-Photometer AG is based in Ennetburg, Switzerland and was founded in 1946. The company manufactures photometric measuring instruments for turbidity, color, oil content, dust content, CO, NO, etc. to monitor parameters and optimize production processes.


water, effluent and wastewater analyzers

SWAN Analytical Instruments AG is based in Hinwil, Switzerland.
Founded in 1990, the company develops, manufactures and markets a new generation of water, wastewater and wastewater analyzers.


original non-return valve

The Swedish company Wapro AB develops, manufactures and markets direct-flow non-return valves WaStop®.


pumps, mixers, aerators

WILO EMU GmbH is located in Hof (Saale), Germany. Production of the pumps began in 1947. 2003. The company has been part of the WILO group since. The product range includes water and wastewater pumps, mixers and mechanical aerators.

Wouter Witzel

butterfly valves and non-return valves

Wouter Witzel EuroValve B.V. is located in Losser, the Netherlands. Founded in the 1960s, the company is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of butterfly valves with vulcanized rubber seals, specifically butterfly valves and non-return valves. The company’s main products are butterfly and non-return valves for liquids. As of December 2005, Wouter Witzel is a member of EuroValve B.V. Danish company AVK Group.